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The Bank of the Expatriate in Belgium

ING Expat Financial Services

ING’s 800 branches throughout Belgium enable us to deliver quality financial services to expats, diplomats, international civil servants, and non residents.

Why John chose ING Expat Financial Services. “When I was searching for a reliable bank in Belgium on the Internet, I came across ING. I visited their website and asked some questions. The replies I received from ING Expat Contact Centre were fast and professional. When I arrived in Belgium, my ING bank account as well as a debit card and credit card were all ready and waiting. It was great! ”

My choice was ING’s service

Name: John Williams
Nationality: UK
Job: Management Consultant

I like to discuss all matters with my ING financial adviser. He is always a great help!

“The first time I contacted ING Expat Contact Centre it was before I moved to Belgium. One ING financial adviser was especially welcoming, therefore I felt comfortable to ask questions about my stay in Belgium. He gave me as many tips as possible to ensure I had the right information. Even now he calls me sometimes to inform me about special ING offers. I feel as though I am a recognized customer.”

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