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Tax returns in Belgium

Completing a tax return

Everything you need to know about receiving, filling out and sending your tax return is explained in this section.

If you are required to pay taxes you will receive a tax return in the first semester after the tax year where the tax return applies to. This will be sent to you by the Federal Public Service Finance (NL: Federale Overheidsdienst Financiën FR: Service Public Fédéral) and if you do not receive it, you need to contact your tax office and ask for your tax return before June 1 of that year.


Taxes payable over year: 2007

Receive tax return: first semester 2008

Ask for tax return before: June 1, 2008

Filling out your tax return

With your tax return you will find a document which explains how to fill out your tax return and it is very detailed and explains the most common items. However, some specific cases may not be covered. If you have problems completing the return, you can contact your tax office for more information. They usually help you to fill out your tax return.

Returning the tax return

On the tax return there will be a date mentioned when you need to hand it in. Do not hand in your tax return after this date as there are penalties. (you can get a fine of up to €1,250).

Paper version

The paper version of the tax return should be returned to the address that is listed on the front page of the tax return.

Online version

Since May 30, 2005 the tax return can be filled out online on www.taxonweb.be . The advantages of this are that you can access this service at any time. The system checks for irregularities and will let you know if you made mistakes. In addition, you can get an immediate confirmation that your tax return has been sent. So you don’t need to leave the house. So far there have been no problems concerning security, so the system is deemed safe.


You can ask for an extension to hand in your tax return. There are 2 procedures to do this; depending on what type of tax rerurn is being completed.

1) Single tax return

The head of the declaration service can grant you an extension. Note that you need to send the application to the declaration service that is mentioned on your tax return.

2) Joint tax return

The head of the inspection services can grant you an extension. The applicant needs to comply to some rules:

  • a sufficient amount of pre-payments should have been made;
  • the extension should be reasonable and should not be later than September 30;
  • no serious tax violations committed in the 2 previous tax years;
  • the application should be made within the allowed time period;
  • the application must be made up in threefold according to a pre-defined model.

Incorrect or incomplete

If you notice that there is a mistake in your tax return, it’s best to contact you tax office as soon as possible to correct the mistake. Penalties can be: fines, tax raises or a hold up of 3 years for repayment of taxes.


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