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Tax bills in Belgium

Paying Belgian taxes

The tax bill is the most feared part of taxes; will you have to pay more or get a refund? More information on what to do in either case can be found here.

It can take a while before you receive your tax bill. The fiscal administration has until June 30 of the year after you send in your tax return.


Taxes payable over year: 2007

Receive tax return: first semester 2008

Receive tax bill: before June 30, 2009

Paying Belgian taxes

The amount that you need to pay will be mentioned on your tax bill together with the date by which this has to be done. This usually is within 2 months. You can pay your tax bill by making a bank transfer, a bank debit or by cheque. You can not pay in cash or by using a bank card.

If you pay your tax bill too late or not at all, you can get a fine and interest will be added to the amount due.

Recover money

The other possibility is that the state owes you money. In this case, the money will be refunded at the end of the second month after the date mentioned on the tax bill.

Incorrect, incomplete or no tax return

If you handed in a tax return that was incorrect, late or simply didn’t hand it in, then there can be a delay of 3 years for your tax bill. If there is suspicion of fiscal fraud, those 3 years can become 5 years.

Incorrect tax bill

If you don’t agree with your tax bill you can file a complaint (NL: bezwaarschrift indienen FR: introduire une réclamation) with the manager of the tax office that is mentioned on your tax bill. You need to file this complaint within 3 months after the date when the tax bill was SENT, not received. That date is also mentioned on the tax bill.

You still need to pay a certain amount while waiting for the approval of your complaint. You will be sent a letter where it says what amount you need to pay.

What if you didn’t receive a tax bill?

If you didn’t receive a tax bill, but you think that you should have, you should ask you tax office. Note that you will not get a tax bill if the amount that needs to be repaid is less than €2.5.


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