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Property insurance

Insuring a house or flat in Belgium

Property insurance is not obligated by law, but is highly recommended. This insurance used to cover only fire accidents, but now you are also covered for damage from storms, hail, snow, a short-circuit, burglary, etc. Also some natural disasters like floods or earthquakes are covered.

The cost of insurance depends on a lot of different factors like whether the house has an increased risk of catching fire, location, what type of property it is, whether it has an alarm system, etc. And there is no possible way of telling you what the amount will be, so it is best to compare a few contracts, ask a price and then decide.


The amount of money you receive to solve fire damage to your house depends on what type of damage there is. Most of the time you will receive the full amount that is necessary to rebuild your house, sometimes you will only get 80% of that amount. All furniture is usually fully covered.


This usually covers all damage that was caused due to leaks from water pipes, electrical household-machines and through the roof. However, damage to the appliances that caused the water damage is not covered. If there is damage because of frost then you won’t be covered if you didn’t take the necessary precautions (like making sure all the pipes are empty if you’re not going to heat up the water for some time).

Storm and hail

Damage due to pressure from snow is usually fully covered. But not a lot of insurance companies offer unlimited coverage for storm damage. If your house is the only house in the neighbourhood that was damaged by the storm, you will have a hard time getting your insurance company to pay for the repairs.

Electricity problems

If you have a short-circuit or power overload most appliances will be fully reimbursed. Some insurance policies even reimburse the money it would cost to buy a new one instead of only partially reimbursing.

Natural disasters

It is now obligated by law that property insurance also covers natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc. Most of these policies don’t cover much or are very ambiguous about what they do and don’t cover.

Additional expenses

When there is damage to your house, you might have to go to a hotel for a few weeks or redo the garden. Most contracts cover these costs, but it’s best to ask.


This is not standard included in a property insurance contract. You can only get this if you pay extra premiums. Most premiums also cover damage done to the house due to the robbery. Some contracts even cover robbery by people who were working for you, but you will have problems if you are robbed by someone who had access to the property. Sometimes, if you temporary move objects (if you take them on vacation for example) and they get stolen, then they are covered, but to a limit. If you get robbed by force or violence outside of your property in Belgium, or abroad, you are also covered to a maximum of €5,000.


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