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Cost of buying property in Belgium

Additional costs

When buying a house, most people only take into account the purchase price, but there are a few other costs that contribute to the final price.

Solicitor’s fees

There are 3 types of solicitor's fees (NL: notariskosten FR: frais de notaire) that need to be paid when buying property in Belgium; registration fees, expenses and disbursements and the solicitor’s wage.

Registration fees

Registration fees (NL: registratierechten FR: droits d’enregistrement) are the costs that need to be paid when the property you purchased is registered to your name. This amount will be between 5% to 20% of the property’s value depending on what region the property is located in and its size.

Expenses and disbursements

These expenses and disbursements (NL: kosten en uitgaven FR: frais et débours) include search fees, transcription charges, stamp duties, etc.

Solicitor’s fee

This is fixed by the government on a standard scale of fees and can differ depending on the type of the deed for the property.

Incidental expenses


There are different kinds of taxes that need to be paid on a property like VAT (NL: BTW FR: TVA) council tax, cadastral income tax, property tax, etc. You can find more information on these on our tax pages .

File costs

The file costs (NL: dossierkosten FR: frais de dossier) are costs that need to be paid to the bank to cover the creating and managing of your file. This usually is less than 1% of the mortgage loan.

Surveyor fees

You can have a surveyor take a look at your property before you decide to buy it, that way you are sure that there is nothing wrong with it. Also, when you apply for a mortgage, your bank will have a survey done to make an estimate of how much the property is worth. Costs for this should be less than €350.

Moving costs

And last but not least, you need to take into account the cost you will incur when moving all your furniture and appliances to you new home.


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